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Our Work Flow

We will start working on your resume as soon as you accept our offer and submit

your payment.

We will send you an invoice to your email. It has a button "Pay now". After paying

the invoice, you will receive a confirmation and receipt.

We work in the following order:

1. Invoice - Sends by QuickBooks to your email within 5 minutes after ordering.

2. Payment.

3. Receipt - Sends by QuickBooks to your email within 5 minutes after confirmation of payment by the bank. (You     

    can send confirmation via Messenger +18138419486 yourself. This will speed up the sending of the check, since

    the bank conducts transactions within 1-2 days).

4. Initial Email - Sends by (from to email within 15 minutes. after sending the


5. We will start working on your resume 4 days after payment, as we have a queue for the schedule. This work may

    take 1-2 days.

6. Draft - in 1-2 days you will receive a draft and instructions on how to work with it by email and you will send us

    your answer. There can be several such iterations, depending on your satisfaction, but considering our advice.

    Please send us your comments and corrections no later than 4 days after receipt. Otherwise, it can lead to

    putting your resume at the back of the queue.

7. Final email - You will receive the final version of your resume by email in 2 formats - for job - aggregators and for

    sending by email.

8. * Optional / If you ordered a Linked account. We will start working on it the day you accept your resume. It will

    take 2 days. When your account is ready, we (if you wish) can schedule a 1-hour free consultation to explain how

    to work with Linkedin.

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